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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Foe ski slope dime eyes

Photos courtesy of kapeka

The picture of you & Ulu!!! HahaaaNot the "Big Foe" pics...
we all had them? I guess we still do!I Love it!!!

Big foe, ski slope, dime eyes, big buns, tug boot, silent killer.....
Did that put anyone else in therapy?
Photos courtesy of Kapeka

I was looking for the Pictures in purple! I know my Mom had them somewhere but couldnt find them! So Glad you had it Kapeka!

Photos courtesy of Kapeka

I remember dancing at Ala Moana,

Photos courtesy of Kapeka

the float in Hawaii

Photos courtesy of Kapeka

& of course the Hoolaulea!
Photos courtesy of Kapeka
what fun !
Do you remember singing to the waves...
whenever we went swimming we had to sing to the waves.


Kapeka said...


You're cracking me up! I was totally lol in front of the computer
when you listed all the 'nick names'. You've got a great memory. (Of
course if I were going to bed earlier instead of scanning photos and
uploading them til 1am, I might have better memory.) It only took me
a few years to get over the Big Foe complex- I've embraced it, and
now I flaunt it- ha,ha,ha. (Ku'ulei would so slap me right now for
that comment.) Yes, I remember having to sing to the waves. Don't
know if that helped me though, as you, Leilani, and Norma definitely
blew me out of the water with your volume.

It's been so fun reading all of the messages, and revisiting those
precious, formative years along with everyone. Now that I've had a
chance to sign up, I'll start participating more. Gotta get back to
the To Do List.



Leilani said...

Hey Tommie,
You forgot my nickname, Morse Code!
Hey, when we went to Ala Moana beach to go swim, we swam for 5 minutes then we sang to the waves, but does anyone remember when we were getting ready to leave and we walked through a big fight between I think some Samoans and Popolos. I remember wondering why the older kids were yelling at me and running to get me out of the way. Thanks big kids.

I was telling my girls about how us little kids traveled on the bus in the luggage compartment and they were tripping out. I was laughing when Kealoha or Squeaky posted the picture of the bus. Try to have kids sit up there now and you might have CPS or the Police at your door. We did have fun though!

I have pics, I just have to scan them and post them.

To Ulu and Kalua, it is cool to hear about you running. No wonder Ulu you look skinny. I started running a couple of months ago, so i'm up to 3 miles. Not to sure my knees can handle running 6 miles.

Anyway, it is so fun to see pics and read emails.
Love you all,

Kela said...

Yes Plimpie,
I remember your name... morse code!!!! How about the song Tragedy...when Randy Futts we fly to space its tragedy!... We even had the hula to it?

I remember the fight at the beach I was one of the clueless ones that walked right through it with you and everyone was yelling at us! There was so much commotion I had no clue! I was telling Chris about it the other day... He just laughed... what a bunch of airheads!

too funny!

Squeeky said...

I also remember us singing at Church services. We would all wear white with our plastic leis. Plastic??? Just think, there have never been another youth group to sing like we did. Singing at the Los Angeles Temple was another experience I will never forget. People would ask me "How in the world do you know all of these Hawaiian songs?" I would tell them "Well, when I was young, we used to sing at the Mormon Temple Visitor Center every last Saturday of every month for two years. And we never sang the same songs twice!" I remember we would all congregate around Uncle Fonzie's tape recorder to listen on how we sound at the Scobey house. When I took my halau to see the Scobey house three years ago I couldn't believe we all fit in that small house? I also remember if we sang junk my mother would have us run around the block so we would all wake up.

You know this yahoo group has been great for me! There are incidences I have totally forgotten about! Like the popolo/samoan fight in Waikiki. Kekela falling in the water at PCC, and many more. Thank you for taking me down on memory lane! I love it!!!