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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So Many Memories!

hello family

its been a very long time. reading all your posts have brought back so many memories.who remembers pratices in aunty pats garage and hopping the fence to the school across the street on saturday afternoons when we were done and didn't have a performance?uncle fonzie's red surburban, aunty moana's green van, can't forget uncle franks truck.what about our laps around Scobey Ave, squeezing into the bedrooms and bathrooms at aunty's house trying to get ready for a performance or squeezing in aunty's living room for practice before the addition was built.

Who can forget the partions falling down when the boys were bathing at awaiolimu ward on our trip to hawaii in 78 So many good times with all of you. Can't wait for the reunion, contact me if I can help in anyway.

Love you all,

This is kinda what the bus looked like that we drove to UT in... remember us little kids had to ride in the luggage rack area?

One of my fondest memories was when we went to St. George Utah. I remember we had to get a hitch because the bus could not accommodate all the luggage we had. We left late at night about 10:00 p.m. because we tried to find the hitch and nothing was opened. But we were able to find one. Then on our ride there we would sing - oh what memories! The song that stands out in my mind was "Kua iti te marama" taught to us my "Turepu Turepu" from Rarotonga. His group stayed at our house because they were stranded from money embezzlement. They were there for about a week and a half. I remember they performed for us at and we for them at the Japanese Community Center in Gardena.

We went to Utah to open the new Stake Center. I don't remember the name of the Stake Center? But I do remember waking-up early in the morning to eat breakfast at a restaurant called the "The Home Spun." Then we met a couple that served their mission in Hawaii. They came on the bus to say aloha and to ask if our "opu" was "nui nui" after eating a wonderful breakfast. Everything was home made and fresh from the farm. It was so "Ono!" Then we went to Zion National Park and sang at the "Arch." I remember the canyon echoed our song! It was "AWESOME!" I remember when we went through a tunnel carved out the side of the canyon. It was an awsome trip!

Another incident I remember was when we went to "Catalina Island." We all got sea-sick! It was an overcast morning when we boarded the ship. The trip was rough with choppy waters. Then we arrived at "Avalon" to refuel. After, we sailed along the coast line to "Two Harbors" were we performed and slept in bunkers! When we arrived we had to transfer to a small boat which took us to shore. It was a trip to transfer all our luggage and footlockers of costumes because the waters were so choppy. Then someone was chased by a "Buffalo!" There were buffalo chips all over the place. I remember the island to be parched and barren - brown grass everywhere. It was a trip to remember!



Squeeky said...

As I watched and read the captions of the blog...tears of fond memories ran down my face. Where did the time go? When I saw the face of Keola, I broke down even more... boy! I wish he were here! I miss him so much!

When Keola and I went to El Camino College, we both majored in music. Our teacher was a haole women by the name of Jane Hardister. She was very strict!!! One day when he came to pick me up from home, he accidentally put too much oil in that old two door red pinto! When we came to our first red light we stopped and waited patiently talking about the homework we didn't finish and how we were going to be scolded in class. When the light turned green, we took off. When Keola looked in the rear view mirror, he said... "Squeeky"... "Look behind us!" When I looked behind there was a HUGE puff of white smoke that filled the entire street! It was so thick that the traffic behind us stood still. They didn't make it across the intersection. We both looked at each other and busted out in hysterical laughter!!! We were laughing so hard that we were swerving on the road! Boy! I will never forget that incident!!! I miss him so... He's now with Mom and Dad! What memories... boy, what fond memories...

Job well done Kela!!! I love it! Now I'm making a 4 hour trip to dallas this Saturday to retrieve the old pictures! I don't care if I have to take everyting out of that 10x30 storage unit... I'm getting those pictures this weekend!!!

Love you!


Konia said...

Hey Tommie,
How are you? Wow - the blog you did is great! It is so nice to read everyones memories. The pictures are great. I have always wanted to share with my family more of what our lives were like growing up with our hula family. So many memories and experiences that you are right have made us who we are. I am really excited to connect with all of you.
I cannot believe your daughter is getting married. Yes, it is crazy you are much too young :)) right. They grow so fast. I wish we could make it out but with everything going on I don't think we can. Thanks, for thinking of us. If you and Chris make it out to LV ever give us a call we would love to see you guys again. Anyways, keep up the awesome blog I wish I had more pics to contribute I have a few that I need to dig out. I think the reunion will be great. I just forwarded information to Kalola hopefully she will be there too.

Take care!!

Lynelle - Konia