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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hawaii tour 78

The Yellow & Brown!
The State Capital in Oahu
As Kamaile Puts it... this is the Awailimu Hilton...
Not!..... This was Awailimu ward... we crammed the 40+ people of the group in the gym and set out cots divided in two for girls and boys.... showered in the parking lots with partitions and a hose made mush in the morning in the church kitchen

M.I.A. Kau where are you???? anyone know?

Kimo sleeps...not phased by the lack of comfort....oh to be young again!

Ulu...says it all!!!Meiling, Ulu, Leilani, Aunty Moana, Faye & Kela

Kealani, Meiling & Kamaile

Kitchen crew.....
What great memories! and what a great experience we were able to have!
40 + kids in the group...growing up in close quarters and learning to live under the same roof and get along with everyone....most of the time!
These memories couldnt be matched.

1 comment:

Manila Malaepule said...

I just wanted to say that this has been great just to sit back and read everyone's life stories, and I told Chris to Thank you for me but he said why don't you Thank her yourself. So Thank you you've done a great Job and I do appreciate it.
Oh and the kind your Husband tooooo (Thanks Chris)