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Saturday, July 26, 2008

I remember days when we were younger

The Ipu farm in San Diego.

Grandpa Fu's friend owned an ipu farm.... we went down to San Diego and picked out ipu s and Grandpa Fu taught us how to cut it, clean it out, sand it and stain it.

Squeeky (half of his nose and mouth Ha!),Ulu, Kealoha & Kela

Full of life, laughter, music & Fun....
I remember staying at the Muaina's house and listening to him play the piano and sing with his deep clear voice. I was about 7. His song would ring throughout the house. I would lay on the white furry rug and fall asleep to it...His favorite sayings back then? "bzzzz." "O How Rude", "Getcha?"

The Changs House...scobey Ave
Giddy boy
One day he was caught sitting in the middle of Aunty Moana's bed.
Sitting inside one of her muu muu's

"Giddy boy! What are you doing?".... Giddy boy said... "I stay camping"

Kalama & Uncle Frank....
Remember the shave ice? I still have Mom & Dads shave Ice machine!
come on over!
Chinese chicken salad, chicken wings, teriyaki, Chow mein, macaroni salad and carrot cake...Dont forget the RICE!!!
(Yes, Squeeky... I owe you the recipe to the Chicken Salad!!!)

I Loved having visitors at our home!
Uncle Al & Uncle Tommy at Kiki's house
My Parents would go all out with Food, Food, Food, ...
we ate till we were about to bust!!!

The Fuchigami house
The group at our home meant....

No practice, It was a free for all

and we could do whatever we wanted &

not get busted for messing around! duck walks here!

Fuchigami house

Is there any other way to describe this, but...


Gardena Church Building

Aghhhhh PURPLE!!!

Lani & Kie (?)

O leilani leilani.....O Leilani Leilani..... Sweet Leilani....

Oh wow ... vintage yeah?

I Remember Days when we were younger......

What do you remember?

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